Landing pages (en)

In online marketing campaigns, and especially Adwords campaigns, the landing page or the page that loads when you click on an ad is vitally important. Note that for many users this will be their first contact with your brand, your products or services. Do you want to make a good first impression?

It’s in your best interest to do so. For Adwords, the landing page is a critical part of the user’s experience, a concept that encompasses much more than one might think: information, transparency, usefulness, originality, confidence, browsability, performance, quality, relevance, etc.

Adwords is able to measure these aspects with automated systems (like the ones that measure the time it takes to load the page) and human evaluation (almost everything else). In other words, your landing page is constantly being examined by Adwords. And the “grade" affects the quality level, the ad’s ranking, the advertising costs, the "times" that the ad appears in searches. In short, the performance of your Adwords campaigns.

With your ideas and our experience, we can create a successful landing page. We know all the requirements and policies regarding Adwords landing pages. And we know from experience which items work best. If you need to develop landing pages for your ads, please contact us. Here are some examples of pages we have designed.


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