Consultancy and courses

Presenting two more Handmade mkt. services. Consulting for existing and active campaigns and personalized Adwords courses to learn how to manage your own campaigns.


This service is intended for users who already have an AdWords account and have launched their campaigns. After they are running for a time, it is common for people to ask themselves whether the account is performing at the highest level and whether someone could take a look to see what more can be done.

Our consulting services will give you a second opinion. Use our experience with all kinds of campaigns and sectors. We will analyze your account and send you a report with all the possible upgrades.

If we do not find anything that could improve your account’s performance, there is no charge for the consult. Reward for good management...

Adwords courses

The course objective is to learn to create Adwords campaigns and to perform periodic account optimization tasks. All our courses are personalized, i.e., we adapt them to the customer’s needs. So while the format may vary, let’s look at an example of a company that wants to begin to advertise their products or services with Adwords:

We will offer a practical course that addresses the creation of real campaigns. By the end of the course, the customer will be able to launch its own campaign immediately.

Personalized and practical courses: by the end of the course, your campaigns will be running at full capacity.

Anyone who wishes to take a course must complete a questionnaire. With the information provided, we will have what we need to configure the campaigns and we will divide the course into two phases. Phase 1 to create the campaigns and Phase 2 to learn how to manage them. The second phase will take place at least two weeks after the launch of the campaign, since the goal is to learn how to optimize an existing campaign. This would be a summary of the program:


  1. Business: Describe your business in three lines, indicating what you do and the main features of your products or services. Indicate also the seasonality of your business.
  2. Market segment: Describe in three lines the market segment you are targeting and your average customer: origin, age, gender, location, education level and purchasing power.
  3. Products or services: Briefly describe your products or services, indicating those that are in more/less in demand and those with the best/worst prospects.
  4. 6 more questions.
  1. Objectives of the campaigns. Analysis of customer’s motivation for buying.
  2. Accounts and billing. Budget.
  3. Creation of search, display, remarketing and video campaigns. Landing pages.
  4. Ad extensions.
  5. Conversion tracking and remarketing lists.
  6. Negative keywords.
  7. Ad scheduling.
  8. Segmentation and frequency of display, remarketing and video campaigns.
  9. Mobile devices.
  1. CTR and conversion rate.
  2. CPA – ROI.
  3. Negative keywords. Exclusion of sites, subjects and categories.
  4. CPC top of the page.
  5. Quality Score control. Demographic orientation.
  6. Budget control. Ad scheduling.
  7. Auction facts.
  8. Remarketing frequency. Video campaign views.


The duration of the course depends on the customer, but in this example the first phase could be completed in 20 hours of face-to-face instruction and the second phase, in person or by skype, in about 10 hours. If you have any questions, please feel free to use the contact form.


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