Banners (en)

Display ads come in many sizes. The most common in the Display Network, as we have heard in some #GoogleAcademies sessions, are as follows:

  Name Size Static/Animated/Flash For Mobile
1 Skyscraper 120 x 600    
2 Skyscraper wide 160 x 600    
3 Small square 200 x 200    
4 Square 250 x 250    
5 Medium rectangle 300 x 250    
6 Half page 300 x 600    
7 Large rectangle 336 x 280    
8 Banner 468 x 60    
9 Megabanner 728 x 90    

The formats supported for static ads are .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG and .GIF. The last one is also the format for dynamic advertising. For Flash ads it is .SWF. The maximum size should never exceed 150Kb in any case.

The general recommendation is to use a clear and direct message and a design similar to that of the landing page.

There are many more sizes than the ones listed here. When you launch an Adwords campaign, you’ll want to use as many sizes as possible in order to gradually determine, over time, which sizes and formats are better suited to your message and which ones perform the best. Here are some examples of banners we have designed.


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