Welcome to Handmade Marketing

At Handmade Marketing, we specialize in designing and managing Google Adwords advertising campaigns and Real Time Bidding (RTB). In the past three years, our clients have entrusted us with more than 500000of advertising budget.


Adwords Management

Start advertising your company on the Internet immediately. Show your ads to potential customers as they are searching for your products or services on Google.

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Landing pages

A well-designed landing page is essential for your campaign’s success. In addition, it makes things a lot easier for your potential customers.

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Consulting and courses

If you manage your own AdWords campaigns, we can help you with our consulting services and customized courses tailored to your skill level.

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Handmade Marketing is an online marketing agency and certified Google Partner.


Banner design

Impressive ads for your Display, Remarketing or RTB campaigns. We design complete standard size banner packages or just the ones you need for your campaigns.

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Real Time Bidding

Uhmm... yeah, we also design and manage RTB campaigns. We use a platform with access to countless advertising spaces all over the world to post our banners.

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AdWords Scripts

Thanks to complete command sequences, we can automate the most repetitive tasks and keep our Google AdWords campaigns up to date. Contact us.

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